Success - 3 words you me never want to use

Every success needs some empowering thoughts but these 3 words take away all your power. ALL! What are these 3 words?? Why  not use them? Let's hear my story about the shop and what happened then... by @ TheGuidingStar

When and Why to go or not go to an astrologer

Do we have wrong beliefs about astrology? This is a very informative and insightful video on ASTROLOGY. When should you NOT go to the Astrologer?

Rising Sign vs. the Zodiac

Astrology 101 with Spiritual Mentor RimaDesai@TheGuidingStar!



Worshipping the Sun has been a v. powerful technique in ancient India. Rima Desai shares the why and how of this to enhance your life ten fold!! This is an Excellent REMEDY for Self-Confidence, Success, Fame and more... @ TheGuidingStar


how your disempowering story is keeping you miserable

Psychology has taught us the power of our Subconscious mind and beliefs, including the LAW OF ATTRACTION. Hear about my own disempowering story and how it took away my personal power from me. @ TheGuidingStar

Transforming FEARS into FAITH

Fear is the greatest Emotional Monster of all times. Here, I come LIVE from Arizona Grand Resorts, outside Brendon Burchard's Growth Summit. Sharing some amazing insights and a rather 'BOLD' step!



Most people ask how to control anger. The truth is one doesn't need to control anger, one needs to first understand the ROOT CAUSE of ANGER and eradicate the root cause, then learn to MANAGE it. 

Hear it from Psychologist & Life-Coach Rima Desai @ TheGuidingStar

Psychiatry, Therapy or Life-Coaching which one to pick? why?

 How important are anti-depressants, when to take them and how to choose who to go to for your problems?

Therapist and Life-Coach Rima Desai answers these questions with some important examples. @ TheGuidingStar! 

Depression and typical Mom Life ~ Control Freaks?

It is so hard for Indian women to accept seeking professional help for emotional support, even when we know that we are dying inside. What does this mean for your kids? @Theguidingstar

Success, Miracles and a Packet called 'LIFE'

 I once was a suicidal, chronically depressed teenager and young adult. Today with a 360 degree shift, I am coaching, empowering, training women from 4 continents. How did that become possible? What were the MAGICAL keys to my #Transformation??? 

AN INSPIRING STORY about the man who...

 The man who seemed very sad... but truly was he sad? An #inspiring story by LifeCoach Rima Desai @ TheGuidingStar 

HERE and NOW - No past, no future, how's that possible?

 A 2 mins. video on what does HERE and NOW truly means. Is it scary or empowering, true or false? Find out for yourself   by @ LifeCoach

Relationships that fail

Check out this great video about Anger, Relationships failures, success and it means to be a powerful person.

feeling stuck?


Quickly move Stuck Energy in your Physical and Emotional Body.

This quick and simple Yoga EXERCISE does the magic ~ by Women Empowerment Coach Rima Desai @ TheGuidingStar


Wait Thoughts have Energy and Power?

  How to counteract negativity with one simple step. Is simple always easy? Maybe not but it is possible isn't it? @ Theguidingstar


Forming our IDENTITIES - Psychology, Landmark Forum and Astrology put together by Women-Empowerment Coach Rima Desai @ TheGuidingStar

Changing your vibes easily and quickly

 Feeling Stressed and Overwhelmed? A typical day in a Mom's life? Learn how to shift your energy quickly and powerfully.

Check out this great video by Psychologist & Life-Coach Rima Desai @ TheGuidingStar

BIG MONEY - Make it, enjoy it!

How to make the Big Bucks in the quickest and fastest way? Or rather should I say in the 'Smartest' Way?

By Passionate Life-Coach Rima Desai @ TheGuidingStar



What is Marriage Truly? Why Marry? Why Divorce? And the most important question - What about the Children?! 

by Women Empowerment Coach Rima Desai @ TheGuidingStar

Activating Feminine Energy - Happy Women's Day!


Check out this great video for being a bigger, better version of YOU. An easy 5 step protocol to start empowering yourself 

by Women Empowerment Coach Rima Desai - TheGuidingStar