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I would recommend Rima Desai. She is very professional and awesome to work with. What I loved about her is - she tells you exactly what she can discuss and what she cannot. She is very positive and sends the same positive vibes to the person she is doing the reading with. Look forward to working with you more Rima. - H



I would like to begin this testimonial by thanking Rima for her time and expertise in helping me crystallize my calling. In my initial one hour session, she helped me get answers to my calling by using the Manifestation Tool.
Rima was attentive, picked on minute details and asked me the right questions to get me to reveal myself authentically through the initial session. 

She provided me with some useful centering exercises and emailed me notes on learning and insights from the session. She also provided me with some H.W. to do. All in all, a good experience and looking forward to our future interactions - Alzyene. 6/18/2019

Organic Reviews from Virtual Sessions - 2018!

2019 Feb



Rima is an inspiration! She is so dedicated and has helped me grow a lot over the time I have coached with her one on one. She is a very talented individual, who works alongside with her clients and helps them achieve their goals. Thank you for your support through coaching and meditation... I really appreciate your support and guidance. Thank you :) @ Thumbtack Review: This customer rated you highly for professionalism, work quality, and value.

Sept. 2018


 I am blown away with Rima's gift of the psych. I did all Phone Sessions with her. She told me things which is otherwise impossible through Angel card reading and then for Deep Chakra Cleansing Guided Meditations her voice led our meditations with utmost simplicity.

She helped me a lot. She had a good sense of understanding of  my needs, was well prepared for the sessions. I would strongly recommend her sessions.           -PS     


 Rima is a very skilled life coach, who has the perfect blend between the practicality of life situations and the importance of our mental/emotional framework. She is very passionate about women's issues and it is amazing to work with her. Her processes are very proactive, and hands on and motivates one to work hard to achieve the goals. If you are looking for someone to learn coping skills, how to nurture yourself physically and emotionally, or even solve life issues, she is great asset and can help you immensely. - M

July 2018


 Rima is a skilled life coach. She is perceptive and astute. I have known her for almost 18 years years now as a friend and recently took a life coaching session from her. The issue I was dealing with was very delicate that had deep/ complicated childhood trauma. Rima was very gentle, compassionate and objective during the session. She was quick to identify what I was trying to convey and able to rephrase and reflect it back to me in a  senstive, digestible way. Also, as I have known her as a friend, I was worried that there might be bias and conflict of interest. But I was able to share authentically with her, without feeling judged and stereotyped. This allowed me to go deeper into the issue, further introspect and soul-search. She also used some very effective techniques, asked open ended questions and offered me some very practical/ tangible practices to continue to heal from the trauma. The session was on phone and I was surprised how effective it was, considering that she could not assess my non-verbal communication. She has sharp listening and even through the phone is able to assess the mood of the person. The session moved quickly and within just one session I felt tremendously better and progress. I would recommend Rima and refer her to anyone in need as she is versatile, able to hold confidentiality and highly skilled. -  N


 I am currently taking life coaching sessions with Rima - who is helping me understand my self better and is guiding me through my fears and concerns.

Rima is truly gifted in many aspects... her understanding is amazing and she has the knowledge and ability to guide people through difficult times. I highly recommend Rima for life coaching and anyone who is struggling with depression and self confidence. I have had 3 sessions and I feel so much more confident. Thank you Rima. keep doing the great work.  - A


 Rima is a gifted coach with the ability to truly understand her clients!  Working with her helped me uncover underlying issues and she guided me on ways to drive improvement in key areas.  I appreciate her flexibility - not only in meeting me where I was at for each session - but also in terms of the diverse techniques she employs to help her clients.  I personally experienced guided meditations, visualization techniques and even channeling with Rima.  Her broad and unique skillset are quite rare to find!  Most of all I welcomed her guidance, her understanding but firm approach, and her consistent follow-up.  I highly recommend working with her - you'll be glad you did!! -  J


November 27, 2017

I have had a positive experience of working with Rima on angel cards. She uses her intuition and knowledge and guides both from head and the heart. It has given a sense of direction for me. She should be experienced once to understand her true powers and then the relationship will continue forever . She is good at her work and I wish her well. Don’t wait reach out to her.

 - Dushyant Arya

September 2015, 2017

 I read your article on how to handle kids. It is very well said. I will surely try all the tips you have given as I am facing the same problem right now. Thank You so much! 


Read an article of yours through FB....on how to handle kids....very well said..... As I am facing the same problem with my 8 1/2 yr old son.........will surely try all the tips you have given.....thank u so much 

- Ash.B.

November 15, 2017

I had the pleasure of meeting Rima in late 2016 for an Angel card/Astro-Coaching session. I had a very interesting interaction with her where she patiently answered my questions, understood me and my stars, heard me and guided me. She helped me in channeling my energies in the right direction and shift my focus on the good things vs not very good. She suggested simple solutions that are helping me in the right direction. I have continued to be in touch with her, by following her talks/web series and coaching sessions.

I will absolutely give her 5 stars & will encourage folks to book a session with her.
- R.P.

Winter 2017

Your camps are amazing. Every time I ask my boys where do they want to go for camp, they ask to come to your camps. You have so many talents especially with kids you are super good. 

Greatly appreciate your daily update with program details and photos. 

- S.R.

Fall 2016

It is a unique skill and talent that you have with kids. :) Thank u for posting daily activities. Seems to be more creative and interactive every year. Thanks for teaching and making it fun 

- Kristin Mae

November 2016

 I have sent my son to Rima's place for spring and summer camps. He is always excited to be there and loves to play, learn and do artwork. She is very professional, organized and takes good care of kids. We really appreciate what she does. I feel my son is  safe and in good hands with Rima. 
- Kiran K.

November 24, 2017


Really wonderful way to start self healing. Recommend strongly. 

- Ken Savla

December 2016


You are a great coach. You listen and understand me well. I am much more confident and independent.
- Bel

July 2016

Yet another wonderful camp for my son. Cannot thank you enough. You are awesome and thanks to your passion to nurture kids!!! Thank You Rima Desai for being so passionate, creative and caring for our kids. Both us as well as our Kids are lucky to have you. Keep up the good work. Cheers!
- Charu G.

January 2016

 This is Rita from Delhi this side. Just read your article on why some children will just not listen even if your were to be screaming on top of your lungs.  You have written it wonderfully and I totally agree with you.  

- Rita

December 2015

I love ur articles....n really feeling good after reading ur articles...i am trying to change myself before changing my child's behavior.. Ty I find at many places my fault n realized only after reading ur articles....I would love n appreciate if u help me in my parenting journey

November 2015

 Read an article of yours through FB....on how to handle kids....very well said..... As I am facing the same problem with my 8 1/2 yr old son.........will surely try all the tips you have given.....thank u so much 

- Ash.B.


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