Please read the Refund Policy and Disclaimer below 

 Please know that no matter what modality you have chosen to work with me: Life-Coaching, Meditations, Angel Cards or Astro-Coaching, Coach Rima Desai offers these services with much passion and expertise and yet they may not substitute the need for therapeutic, medical or other relevant help from outside the coaching sessions. You understand and agree that the Services provided by us are in no way to be construed as psychological counseling or therapy. In the event that you feel the need for professional counseling or therapy, it is your responsibility to seek a licensed professional. If you are experiencing a mental health crisis such as suicidal thoughts or planning, please call your local crisis line, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255, or 911. 

The client agrees that for the work to be effective it’s important for the client to be honest and open. The client shall notify the coach if and when s/he doesn’t feel comfortable with and have any concern with the coach, coaching, sessions or the practice. It is not guaranteed that the client will receive the results as per their expectations and that outcomes can vary based on several factors. I like to follow a saying in Psychology – ‘It is the skill of the practitioner and the will of the client’ that together creates the change or outcome. Also know that often it takes several sessions or in depth emotional work to witness a visible symptom and sometimes it feels like symptoms can get worse before healing since the body-mind-spirit may be removing residual emotional debris. There are several other outside physical factors as well that may determine the results and outcomes of each session.


As a practitioner, I, Rima Desai value the Satvik Approach as in I value using a no medication approach. However, the client always has the right and choice to seek medical help for their concerns or conditions, choose to combine other approaches or chose one approach over another. No decisions are forced on to the client. I, Rima Desai, do my best to meet the client where they are at and trust that they have the inner potential to meet their highest good. The client may choose to stop the coaching sessions or any of my practices at any point for which the applicable refund policies will apply as per the disclaimer mentioned in this written statement. If I, Rima Desai feel the need to refer the client to another practitioner, seek medication or other relevant help, I shall inform the client right away.

This is a NO JUDGEMENT, full ACCEPTANCE zone where all written and spoken information is kept confidential unless if required for legal or safety purposes for you or anyone else. The client understands that the exchange of emails, texts or calls from the client in between sessions is highly discouraged unless if there is a relevant question about H.W. or an upcoming session time, an emergency, etc. Please know that this is not ignorance or avoidance of you but the way Rima Desai practices wherein she does not encourage intermittent interactions outside the sessions. 


The client or any other parties may not publish on Social Media or in any other form any part of the session/s - written, verbal and non-verbal without my (Rima Desai’s) direct and written permission. You may not make public comments, direct quotations or indirect interpretations of the session or record any part of the session in any form without my (Rima Desai’s) written permission and informed consent. There shall be no recording of any part of the session without your informed consent. The client understands that emails, forms and all audio, printed, saved and exchanged information shared by the client or filed by the coach online or offline stayed stays locked in an email and / or computer folders which no one else has been given access to. However, this does not rule out the possibilities of identity theft or any accidental leakage of information. Also, by using payment methods via Rima Desai’s website and interacting on the website in any way, the client understands that third parties that may collect client information (e.g. information shared via payment portal) is out of Rima Desai’s control and responsibility. The client understands the risk involved with known or unknown third parties which may store, collect, use client information based on their policies. All of this is outside Rima Desai’s arena, the client shall not hold responsible Rima Desai and/or her business for the same.

The client understands that Coach Rima Desai does not directly or intentionally share any information of the client to any third parties online or offline and in the event that there is any leakage of information, it is has not been shared by Rima Desai. Should there be any identity theft or court ordered or legally ordered sharing of information of the client, the client will be informed as soon as Rima Desai is aware and for that Rima Desai may inform the client via email and / or text message or direct call. Having said that, the client or any other party may not hold Rima Desai responsible for any leakage of information or information accidentally found elsewhere. 

You shall not hold liable to Rima Desai, TheGuidingStar for any services, dissatisfaction in outcome or conflict, any injury, health problem or any other conflict for that matter. You shall directly communicate with Rima Desai as the first measure to resolve conflict. No refunds are given to services bought unless under specific circumstances. Giving a refund remains under the discretion of Rima Desai and the client understand that BEFORE proceeding with any sessions. 


All sessions must be paid for BEFORE a session begins, this includes cash payments as well. In the absence of payment, no session will be provided and in some cases, client may require to pay in full for lost time or unused booked session.

All single sessions once bought must be used within a month from the date of purchase. All 3 session packages bought must be used 6 weeks from the date of purchase and all 6 session packages bought must be used within 12 weeks from the date of purchase. Sessions will automatically expire once that time frame has been crossed with no refund, Rima Desai or TheGuidingstar shall inform you by email on your provided email about the same and it is your responsibility to keep abreast with the emails you receive from Rima Desai or TheGuidingstar. Rima Desai has the right to cancel sessions and / or stop sessions, discontinue work with the client whenever needed. Client will be informed immediately via phone call and/or email if something of that nature was to transpire. Refunds policies will then apply and typically missed appointments by Rima are substituted by make-up sessions as per Rima Desai’s availability.


No refunds are given for sessions cancelled within 24 hour period of a pre-booked appointment. In case of an emergency, significant proof must be provided to Rima Desai via text, call and/or email and she will decide if you may redeem that session at a later point. The client may not forward a session to anyone else without prior permission from Rima Desai and session must be used for the person for whom the session has been bought. No make-up time is given for late arrivals or if for whatever reason the client arrives late, starts the session late, is not ready on time, does not show up or any related circumstance. Rima Desai automatically cancels the session and holds the client responsible for its payment (no refund) with a no show for more than 10 mins, of the appointed session time. The session will start at the precise time of booking and end exactly when the duration of the session is over. The client will be given a 5 minute buffer time to complete the session however, after 5 mins, the client will be informed for spilling over the coach’s time and will be charged $1 per minute.

Rima Desai reserves the right to cancel all paid and complementary sessions any time and shall inform the client immediately on doing so by email, text or call. Only one emergency situation is considered for reimbursement or rescheduling (every 90 days). No make-up sessions for missed FREE / COMPLEMENTARY SESSIONS. Please read all details when using coupons. In the event that the client decides to break a package or cancel sessions which were part of a package, the client will be responsible to pay the per session rate for each session completed and pre-booked within 72 hours of the cancellation. The client understands that the per-session rate is different and higher than the package rate. Any refunds for cancelled sessions will be given by Rima Desai’s choice of payment and will be sent within 2-6 weeks of the cancellation. No refunds are given for sessions booked outside of United States of America. Rima Desai reserves the right to revoke / deny refunds under certain circumstances, an explanation for which will be given to the client upon asking.


Life-Coaching is a much lighter, informal and yet formal form of practice which differs from Counseling or Therapy in key ways. Rima Desai is both a Certified Counseling Therapist and a Certified Life-Coach with experience in both areas. Rima Desai now only practices as a Life-Coach and Spiritual Coach / Mentor. Should you feel the need to seek therapy or other forms of healing / interventions / help for yourself, any conditions or anyone else please do so. Life-Coaching has its own benefits and strengths and yet does not guarantee a substitution for therapy, medication, medical help and other related help should the client need it or feel strongly the need for. The client has full power and authority over sessions taken with Rima Desai. Rima Desai acts a guide almost like the GPS in your car guiding you to the correct destination while you drive your car! Just like a Physical Trainer shows you how to release negative food and physical life-style habits and replace them with new, healthy patterns, goals and coping strategies, a Life-Coach is an Emotional Trainer who helps you recognise, release and replace old, self-defeating emotional patterns by new, self-fulfilling and efficient emotional patterns, coping strategies and belief systems. Often times fully releasing and replacing these patterns and ensuring that they are sustained requires long term coaching, staying accountable and dedicated to make those changes.


For each session you will need: Water, pen, papers to write, a charged phone, a secure and good phone service in USA and a secure internet connection to use SKYPE or WATSAPP for clients outside of USA. Please be seated in a place of uninterrupted privacy and do your best to have eaten and rested well to make the most of your sessions. If there is not a secure internet or phone connection from your end, I cannot reimburse that session or your money so that is solely your responsibility to ensure. I have a secure, fast and dependable internet connection on my end. Cancellation policies are mentioned above.