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"Life is not about winning or losing. It is about not losing oneself". ~ Anonymous



There was once a young heart, bright pink with silver shades on it. It loved to live and laugh. It was gentle and kind. It floated through space feeling light and free. But in its journey through space it met gentle breeze and hard winds, soft feathers and hard rocks. The hard wind and rocks covered it with abrasive layers that made the heart forget its true colors and gentle nature.

Slowly the heart felt lots of anger that abruptly erupted, unexpected. Sometimes its bucket of love was taken away by feelings of guilt and shame or fears of the 'what ifs' and judgement from others. It soon began to turn its shape and color as to what the atmosphere around it wanted it to be. Sometimes it lost its closest friends and felt much grief or fell ill with the blowing winds and lost energy enough to happily float.

LUCKILY, there were other 'compassionate' hearts that walked the same journey. They had been abrased, bruised, hurt and through all that they had 'INTENTIONALLY HEALED' by using LIFE SKILLS, EXPERIENCE and EMOTIONAL TOOLS that worked magic! One such compassionate, loving and highly empathic 'heart' was named RIMA DESAI. I knew from growing up with an orthodox, single parent family with massive financial and emotional constrains what it meant to feel 'inferior', 'depressed', 'highly anxious', very 'insecure' and 'SUPPRESSED'.

With experience from living over 3 continents and cultures, a robust education, personal experience and massive SELF-TRANSFORMATION, I now bring you magical Conscious Living skills so that you get the means to earn back an enthusiastic LOVE LIFE, SUCCESSFUL CAREER and LOTS OF PROSPERITY. Read more of my story here:


Today's world is scary for most parents. The fight for survival is getting harder. With so much competition and stress how are you parents to safe-guard your child's future?

Kids are born with a sponge like brain, give it knowledge and skills at an early age and it will soak it all endlessly! A child's brain is still growing and shaping until age 5. This is the most crucial time for 'extreme brain training' and personality development which includes a package of COGNITIVE (intelligence), MOTOR (physical) & SOCIAL (communicative), EMOTIONAL (self-confidence) skills.

Most schools are not rigorous in their approach to complete PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT.

Your kids can get a lot smarter they can get with expert guidance and trust-worthy care. 



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