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RAISING CONSCIOUSNESS ~ Your Pathway to Freedom

You are 'AWESOME', celebrate 'YOU'!

I believe that everyone has the power to transform their life and generate  miracles. I know that you are made for MORE, more than you are living now.  Do you relate to the zillion moms on this planet who feel 'overworked' and underappreciated?

Not everyone has the deep, inner drive and resilience needed to completely TRANSFORM their life and not everyone understands your pain. What truly matters is the burning survivor instinct within you, that got you so far in life. Now, I would like to completely 'shift' the ROAD MAP of your LIFE to carve a pathway to EMOTIONAL FREEDOM, a new YOU and a rebirth of all the 'Awesomeness' that lies inside of you!

I have been known for my unique ability to empathize deeply, while also holding you accountable for action-steps leading to quick paced growth. If getting INSPIRED is one thing you love, read MY INSPIRING STORY HERE

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I am a Certified Counseling Psychologist, Transformational Life-Coach, Child Care Professional and Handwriting Expert for Kids. I am grateful to be gifted  as an inborn Empath and Telepath and Certified Reiki Level II. My Psychic and Clairvoyant abilities are growing and apparent in my work. I also write many articles, edit and proof-read books. I have written in newspapers, inflight magazines, many parenting blogs/magazines and have my personal blog.

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Once upon a time, there was once a young heart, bright pink with silver shades on it. It loved to live and laugh. It was gentle and kind. It floated through space feeling light and free. But in its journey through space it was beaten often by rocks and stones...

KIDS are the world & the future...

Today's world is scary for most parents. The fight for survival is getting harder. With so much competition and stress how are you parents to safe-guard your child's future? Their brain is a sponge until 5-8 years and you would hate to lose that precious time for incorporating CORE SKILLS. Ask about classes...

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